About us

Who are we?

Our team at Málaga Planners is made up of tourism enthusiasts who, after more than 5 years of experience in the sector, have come together to give shape to this project: to manage tourist flats and offer real estate advice in Malaga.

Our bond with our clients is growing day by day and, if there is one thing we are known for, it is the perseverance and effort we put into making you feel at home, even if you are in a different city. We base our work on the 3Rs: Respect, Responsibility and Rigour, and together with these values, we offer a wide network of tourist flats and services to make your stay unique.

An accommodation is not only to spend the night, it is to feel the most intimate part of the neighbourhood where you are, its activities, its restaurants and, being in Malaga, above all the charm of its people. That's why we offer personalised packages to make a simple getaway or holiday a memory that will stay with you for the rest of your life. And not for nothing, but you leave here thinking about coming back.

We want to offer you a complete experience, where in addition to enjoying one of our flats, you can get to know our beautiful city. Because Malaga is gastronomy, leisure, art, culture? Malaga is the perfect place to come and enjoy a few days and stay and live forever.

Do you want to know us?

We are waiting for you with open arms in our offices: Plaza Uncibay, 3, floor 2, door 1 (29008, Malaga).