Emblematic sites of malaga

Majestic, slender and elegant, we receive the Basilica of Our Lady of the Incarnation, Malaga Cathedral known as "La Manquita", a name that owes to the fact that it was inaugurated, missing the construction of its south tower, located in the historic center of the city. always from almost anywhere in Malaga.

It was built on the place occupied by the Mosque-Aljama of Arab times, which was consecrated under the Catholic religion after the reconquest of Malaga by the Catholic Monarchs, building in its place a Christian church, between 1528 and 1782 with many interruptions.

“See its triumphant cathedral: what severe proportions! What columns like palm trees and what a dreaming dome! Salvador Rueda (Malaga poet)

Well of Cultural Interest and declared a Historic Artistic Monument, the Cathedral of Malaga is made up of three naves, the one in the center being wider than the lateral ones and all equal in height with empty vaults that make up these characteristic cupolas that can be seen in the upper part. . It stands out, its majestic Capilla Mayor, the work of Diego de Vergara from 1541.

Inside, the wonderful work of the Malaga choir stalls stands out, with 42 carvings made by Pedro de Mena, and two magnificent organs from the 18th century, with more than 4,000 tubes that are still in good use.

The Cathedral Museum also stands out inside, where works from the Cathedral itself and from other places are exhibited.

In the month of May of the current year, it was announced that the roofs of the Cathedral of Malaga may be visited by the public, on a route that will begin with the staircase of the north tower, from the 18th century, the intermediate terraces of the chapels and the staircase of one of the sixteenth-century cubicles. The visitor will climb to a height of almost 50 meters, 200 steps that are worthwhile to enjoy the wonderful views it offers us.