Not New York, not Paris... but Malaga. The success of our city seems to have no geographical limit, as it is searched internationally and appears on the list of the most interesting cities for users for the year 2023. In fact, magazines such as Vogue have already listed it as `one of the best destinations in the world to travel to in 2023´, with Malaga being the only Spanish representative on their list.

The magazine highlights the city's myriad museums and includes the Pompidou Centre as `a treasure trove of modern art housed in a multicoloured glass cube´ as well as the colourful murals that cover entire neighbourhoods with urban art.

The capital of the Costa del Sol was already the third most requested by the Airbnb platform during the year 2022. In addition, since the pandemic year and the increase in the number of people teleworking, Malaga, thanks to having become a popular technological and cultural centre on the Costa del Sol, has positioned itself as the perfect city for remote workers and is among the 20 destinations with which Airbnb has collaborated to support work from anywhere in the world. This has considerably increased the number of users interested in our beloved city for both short and long stays.

In 2022 Malaga already closed the podium of searches for travel, but facing this 2023 it is the only European city, being the rest of the positions for cities like Sydney or Melbourne in Australia, Auckland and Queenstown in New Zealand, Bangkok in Thailand, Florianopolis or Porto Seguro in Brazil...

Moreover, in terms of national searches, Malaga is the second most searched for by Spaniards who want to leave their cities, but without leaving the Spanish borders, with Alicante being the first one. When it comes to staying close to home, we tend to choose warmer destinations, with good weather and preferably coastal destinations such as the Valencian Community, Andalusia or even the Canary Islands, which are trending among Spanish guests for 2023.

And what are we from the Málaga Planners team going to say about this news? That we are not surprised at all, we love Malaga more and more every day and we will be delighted to welcome in our apartments all the people who want to come to know our beautiful city. Book now the best experience of this 2023!