Contingency plan




Our clients, their health and well-being are our highest priority, and for this reason we have taken a series of measures and protocols of cleaning, hygiene and additional physical distancing to guarantee the safety of our guests and that of our precious team. These measures follow the recommendations of experts in health and hygiene, the health authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO)

Preventive cleaning and safety measures.

In the Malaga Planners group we work with very demanding standards of cleaning and hygiene. Additionally, we have reviewed our processes, expanding their frequency and disinfection measures to cover new health and safety circumstances.

These processes are applied in all areas of the apartments to guarantee our clients a safe stay, to ensure the correct application of the measures, we have created a Security Management Committee and established specific supervision and verification controls.

Detailed for your knowledge and peace of mind.


In-person check-ins are temporarily suspended, security locks will be provided with the apartment keys so that the guest can carry out their Check-in / Check-out.

If you have to see the guest, it will be with a mask and gloves, the card payment system will be disinfected again in front of the guest before and after use, the appropriate distance measures will be taken.

The keys will be delivered sanitized and in an airtight bag that the guest will open

The capacities of the elevators are reduced, becoming a single person, or up to 4 if they are part of the same family unit.

Apartment cleaning

-The cleaning staff will wear a mask and gloves.

-Carefully all the dirty textile in closed bags (double closed bag) never coming into contact with the clean clothes ready for use.

-Spray approved disinfectant on mattresses, pillows, cushions, sofas, chairs, tables, plugs ...

-General cleaning based on specific highly disinfectant approved products with the maximum guarantee for health and thorough cleaning in all vulnerable points, plugs, fixtures, door knobs, remote control, set of keys.

-All the protective equipment used by the cleaner will be placed in the personal waste bag and put in its place in the containers provided for use.

-We wash the bedding and towels in an industrial laundry using the products recommended by the health authorities and at a temperature above 60º C.

-We eliminate decorative elements (cushions, plaids, rugs) as a sanitation measure.

-We increase the ventilation time, from 2 to 6 hours during the cleaning process of the rooms, living room and bathroom.

At Reception (Office) c / Huerto del Conde nº 7 Málaga 29012

-Reception capacity 2/3 people maximum. (by appointment 678047700)

-We carry out a continuous cleaning of the elements, devices, surfaces and furniture that may be in contact with our clients and staff.

-We disinfect all the apartment opening keys and deliver in a closed bag to the guest.

-We offer free disinfection of their suitcases to all clients who require it.

-There will be a specific bin for the disposal of gloves and masks that will be transferred daily by the Malaga Planners Team to the gray container (Organic waste).

-We implement new security and physical distance elements.

-Marks of distance between clients and the Malaga Planners Team.

-Hydrogel dispensers on the office counter.

-Gloves, masks and sanitizing gel for sale without profit.

Possible covid 19 symptoms

A guest or worker showing symptoms.

The HEALTH RESPONDS service will be called immediately 955545060

If not, the person can lead a normal life. If so, you must keep home isolation under the close surveillance and monitoring of your health center. Only confirmed serious cases are transferred to the hospital.

Gloves and masks should be thrown into the gray container, (organic waste)

Committed to our team

Hygiene: Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective measures to avoid the spread of germs and prevent the spread of COVID -19. We encourage employees and recommend clients to perform frequent hand washing with soap and water. There are disinfectant gels in work areas for regular use.

Prevention: Our staff undergoes temperature controls every day upon arrival at the office. All equipment takes with them: gel, gloves and masks.

Training: All our employees have received specific training in hygiene and safety against COVID-19 (PRL)

We recommend: Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective measures to avoid the spread of germs and prevent contagion by
COVID -19.

-We remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water.

-There is gel and disinfectant in the common areas for regular use.

-Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing with your elbow or tissues.

-Respect the measures of physical distancing.

-Enjoy Malaga, its gastronomy, culture and tradition that characterize us.




The Malaga Planners Team wishes you to have a happy stay.